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Were you able to keep your job? This, after giving them almost every dime I had earned for years to keep them afloat. SR Mars will be in 12th combust Ascendant Squaring Uranus in 3rd (car crash?). pluto to asc – weird rare disability, lost parents, in-laws, friends, lost job, health etc. Looking to expand my career in coming year. the second time, we moved to another State, the 3d time I am not sure about. (I have natal pluto in my 3rd). They need to grow up. Not the Million dollar one but enough to make it fun for me. I’m pretty frustrated because I’ve been wanting to work in my chosen profession in the healing arts but I’ve been raising my small children full time and dealing with the intense debilitating Lyme infection I’ve had since I was 8. I’ll need to mull this over now. He was the love of my life and perhaps the most influential person in my life. That’s crazy!!! I have my natal sun 24° & venus 23°53 on my 23°55 DC in capricorn. Finally my Pisces aunt decided to bring her mom, a Cancer to live with her family, with me in tow. My cancer was 2013 (when the transit entered my 6h). this has left me totally transformed, my rock my father passed away during this time with a terminal illness. I’ve recently found myself without a job or home or partner, and I’m due to be bereaved very soon (they are end stage COPD). I had Pluto conjunct my IC in 1987-88, and not much happened. It all seems to tie in…but we’ll see. I am too confused now… Both house systems seem to work for me. Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! Pluto transit to your Moon is a time of deep emotional purging. My natal Pluto is conjunct my ASC, so I was only about 2 years old during that transit over my ASC. I´m terrified. And I understand that most who read here do not use Equal houses. Thanks for responding to all of my questions! First, this disclaimer: I use EQUAL houses. I think that is objectively true, actually, not just how I felt. Most people do use Placidus houses at this time and yes, most people focus on transits to the natal chart. A personal transit of Pluto is when Pluto is aspecting one of your personal planets such as your Sun, Moon or Venus. No where to go, I rented a U-haul truck anyway. Have a Jupiter return coming in August that I am naive enough to be hopeful about… they never seem to have the impact that Saturn does, do they? Just hope u have some trines from the fourth house. I have spent most of my spare time during the last year restoring the house since Pluto at the 4th is good for house repair but the main point is that the whole house system was supported by events. conjunctions |oppositions |squares |trines |sextiles |houses. Contemplating just up and moving to California somehow and starting fresh and hopefully things just work out. Basically an entire new life. Just taking it one step at a time. You can also learn much by just doing your Solar chart using 21 Cancer as Asc on equal houses. Of course I had attitude, you have to stand up for yourself *somewhat* when people are undermining or outright attacking you, which they did plenty of…. Lou, the light is there, just hidden for a while, then a spark will appear…. Wow where do I start… For the past year and a half I can say things have definitely changed. 11th house is also income generated from employment ( 2nd from 10th) and I will assume that Mars is your 2nd house ruler. Someone I never thought I’d live without. So after 2 months apart (which we spent communicating through internet) I packed my bags and moved to his country to live and see. Pluto transiting 12th house was intense. Bowed head and lowered eyes? No respect. Ændringerne forårsaget af et transit fra Pluto er permanente. Pluto will sich vom Bedeutungslosen trennen und das Wahrhafte ins Leben holen, ein Pluto Transit zeigt also Zeiten an, in denen wir uns massiv verändern dürfen. It wasn’t horrible. Still a ways off, but 2020 will be a big year for me. Regarding Neptune opposite Mars, 5th to 11th, the opposition creates a separation and Neptune dissolves what it touches so that may be what you have experienced regarding friendships. Oh, what unlovely times. In between I do have help from Pluto trine Midpoint Sun/Moon n I’m a Leo. ; ) Well, I hope all of us who are being hit by this angle business emerge the better for it. In a proverbial Pluto AC and Chiron Algol manner, I went to the Army Hazmat School. But now lets see.. Pluto will transit my DSC for the last time in 24th of December. When Pluto crossed my Asc in Scorpio 28 degrees, it was 1994. I have been working since I was a teen, starting by 14-16 and completely working with no stop since 16-17), feeling independent. This year in January Pluto for the first time crossed my Capricorn DSC 16’41. I lost a lot — a business, financial suffering, etc. My father passed away after having survived Vietnam twice and having a heart transplant for 20 years and 6 months. I feel like I aged 40 years. It has definitely been a new world since then if only because there is something powerful about becoming the “senior generation” in the immediate family. Some weekends I didn’t want to go home to visit because there were dances planned, or movie trips. It was absolute chaos. That’s fascinating. Sometimes not a stone will be left standing. On the whole as soon as pluto entered capricorn I started to experience major turbulence, pluto crossed my north node (opposing my natal saturn) almost immediately. I just absolutely couldn’t do it for years. This will all sort itself out. I started working, but kept a real private life, in which has been this way ever since… not an underground junkie anymore… but a fucking loner. Either saturn (bend your head and hold it together), pluto (truthful power struggles), or Uranus (rebellion). Hold on to what you can but Pluto can put some things out of your control. I know it’s all for the best but yikes what a growth spurt. What about Pluto conjunct descendent in solar return chart. Ha). When it was over, I had more freedomn than I had ever had in my life. This post inspired me look back and I realized Pluto crossed my midheaven in the late 1990s. I’m having a hard time figuring the math on this one. If I feel it too much without anger, it’s just overwhelming for me. So I’m very curious about the differences in those transits. I have natal pluto opposite venus which is tough enough but transiting pluto is approaching my cappy descendant and in 8 months I have: ended a significant relationship. Pluto Conjunct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Ascendant. But weirdly since ‘vomit night’ I feel like true power comes from within, and this weird time is allowing me to transform inside out. This particular ethnic group is very prejudiced against white people, and the state I live in has a very low white population compared to others. I came back home to see what was going on about an hour before water started creeping through the front door. Ok so during that time, my mom was living with a “friend” and her kids, so there were 5 of us. I was almost alone to take care of him and finally they succeed to disconnect him in my back and he died. And, they drove out to get us. Required fields are marked *. I was also invited into a loving family unit, which was happier and healthier than anything I had lived in before. I will have this in ten years. It wasn’t sitting significantly lower, in fact there were homes that sat lower than mine, and when I talked to those people, they all had 3 or 4 inches. I had spent 8 years getting him into and through medical school, and walked away with nothing. Uranus transit in 6th house was opposing Uranus natal in 12th house. Am I correct? I am Pluto girl. I’m also an only child. I never acted out again. It’s all here, everything that happened. If you have Pluto at IC that means that Neptune is probably close to, or has just passed, your 6th house cusp. Found out my father had died on Facebook and I didn’t know for 8 months since no one said anything (we were not in contact). In my 1st – it was the formidable years, but I had to deal with my family and certain abuses and look at my parents as if they were people…I grew up quickly and saw suffering everywhere in people. I’m not sure how much of that is Saturn rising and how much is just being a plutonic person but it feels like I’ve learned some difficult life lessons and now I have been given opportunities to apply those lessons. After 4 months I went back to my home country. Check your Solar return for 2017, it may have been a bad one but hopefully 2018 will be better for you. I’ve had to deal with death and destruction, people trying to control me and I’ve pushed them away. Pluto is getting closer and closer to my 4th house angle, beginning to Square my Asc-Desc axis and oppose my 10th. Pluto is nearly conjuncting my IC, next year will. Uranus in 7th? The most important thing to remember is that disease doesn’t just ‘happen’ it also the result of poor quality food and lifestyle. Solar Return, progressions and solar arc seem to join forces just to show me how hard life is. Because I was PRN and my team mate was full time, with a father who also works at the center, I was shit-canned. Thanks Amy for reassuring me. So, Elsa, if my Ascendant is 0 Virgo, my “angles” are different from my MC/IC axis? It was the day before the move and I was desperate. I have alternating days of severe depression and apathy. Twice. I can’t remember anything specific except that’s when I fell in love with a much older married man – a friend of my parents. I made my decision having only known him for 7 months, and it was a pivotal change for me. And, she actually acted like she was glad to have me there with her. not by choice, my friends all decided to kick me out. Humour and gratitude seem to have been the major traits that help people through difficult times that seem tragic at the time but on reflection are the turning points in our lives for change. I lost my matenal grandmother, grandfather, sister, step grandmother, two male friends. Had surgery on my hand that didn’t quite work, for problems I’m still dealing with more than 10 years later. Took me months to break it off properly though. I KNOW that in September Pluto will be going back to the same point (IC & Mars)so let go! You are in the midst of a major restructuring of the whole personality structure, which takes approximately 10 years. I also had pneumonia. Pluto has been exact on my MC for the last few months (moving away with the RX) and I haven’t had anything too negative or challenging happen. It’s a ways off still, but with my MC at 17 Libra that transit is coming up. This is just the beginning and already – I left my job to join my crazy husband in his effort to study abroad, but later changed his mind. I am going through the exact same situation right now..Pluto Conjunct 4th housecusp .. I’ve already had tPluto conj ACS over 30 years ago and that was more than ghastly. The other night, when Pluto entered 17 Cap, I was physically vomiting and had this stream of conscious thing about how nothing mattered, especially not marriage or kids status, job title or property ownership, because when I die I’ll just be thankful for living, for loving and for nature. I never did anything wrong after. My moon has been assaulted by Pluto and Saturn for a many years. Who has issues! It’s never been this bad, but it has forced me to finally kick it once and for all. Am used to feeling like an Outsider/ Exile now, I suppose. Transit Pluto in 1st House. I think you give the best advice; the only advice that can really be given for these types of transits – you’re usually talking about Saturn but I’ve found that when I’m honest with myself and fair with others, it matters. was one of the greatest losses of my life to date. Wow, you are quick at responding! thank you for sharing this, pluto to MC – lost home, parents lost business, jobs, all our stuff was auctioned off etc. Pluto on my AC – 5 Aquarius that may be quite a challenge. I will provide some feedback after Pluto has passed this degree (although Pluto will transit this point two more times after retrograding). So not an easy chapter of my life. Pluto ist eine schicksalhafte und transformierende Kraft. But the whole house system bases the angles on the ASC, is that correct? so far, i am living this transit, i lost weight indeed, i do more sports, i feel better physically, iam more confident, there is some deep realeasing of old pain and even if i … 2 days later, I was fired. Active “Parent Volunteer” at my kids’ school was another label added to my public identity. An update on my pluto transit: since writing that I’ve lost my house,lived in a sports hall with a communal bathroom, had my car broken into, and there’s more but I’d get too depressed if I went into more detail. When Neptune hit my brother’s 6th house cusp, he had a lung transplant and ended up blind and disabled.I have Neptune there ( conjunct Mars ) – My cat just dies suddenly, I am retiring and have adopted a rigorous health regimen – hopefully to thwart Neptune – if I can. Pluto is about to square my Asc/DC-axis which is already very sensitive as I`ve got Chiron, Moon and Uranus conjunct those angles as well.. I`ve felt the tension rising in multiple areas of my life and I hope I`m alive when this transit in Q is over. I saw my mother for the first time in ten years – and for the final couple of times. I am just now getting it finished and will be selling. I’ve lived a life full of Pluto transits (in my short time here so far). That´s easy to say. We will begin trying to start a family in the next few months or so. When he rolled over my exact degree, I got married, finished my MBA, and bought my first house. but, i do have a bit of an angular chart. Thank you so much Elsa and Hades Moon I am a survivor! Solen er vores grundlæggende livsenergi og identitet. I was struggling with past trauma for several years and very confused about it, but when Pluto crossed my ascendant, I was able to start getting some clarity on my experience. For me this Pluto/ Uranus Square at the angle of 4th to 7th has caused much difficulty in the home, both the physical structure and relationship between spouse (7th) and son ( ruler of 5th at 7th house cusp)…Pluto rules my second and I am spending lots of $$$ restoring damage to my home. Nothing, even when Uranus was exact to my Desc. When I had my mc/ic Pluto square I had been a stay at home mom for about 5 years, and at this time my mom’s cancer came back and my husband lost his job. I admit, I was pretty naive about it’s location on a floodplain, but the river hit a new high water mark of 26 feet that year. Right now pluto is at 20 degrees and my ic is at 19. Kansas being one of them. He fired me. Transit Pluto usually only moves through 3-5 houses in a chart during your lifetime. Pluto is exactly conjunct my MC in the 9th house. But so far OK. tPluto conj Asc Scorpio was worst time in my life so ican cope with an opposition (fingers crossed ), Phoenix you are not alone, So many people I know who are very creative and hardworking have totally lost initiative, inspiration and motivation and somany are sleeping more than they have ever done. In a while, pluto will conjunct my Mars in the same house, after this I am sure I will have my home. I’m experiencing the same exact ordeal. Pluto is coming up on the square now to my MC so I wonder if that earlier experience will be related in some way to what is in the near future. I have also been working out more than ever, so transformation of self (Pluto is natally on 1h) and got some laser treatment to remove some old tattoos, style of clothing has also changed. Pluto will be crossing my ascendant in 2018. Wow, there’s a lot of intense stories here. Wishing you many trines and more happiness. Thanks, Bob – It’s interesting to cross-reference the P;uto transits with natal Pluto planets… (This is probably a no-brainer for astrologers – I am a novice, obviously.) I felt betrayed, and like I could not be seen, not for the life of me. I have serious doubts as to whether I will survive this. I think that’ll be the last Pluto transit on my angles in this lifetime. Since then, althought I was not in so good terms with them, it made estranged from them, and they still try to manipulate my mother to completely disinherited me. There is an average minimum of 2 years for every Pluto transit. But anyway, my grandmother has also passed in March and found out a childhood friend died which was a huge shock. This heavy conjunction will be inside the 4 house. A Pluto opposition was an awakening to real life–have gone through life w/stars in my eyes to the world. that´s a lot to handle!! Saw a book on one’s shelf, “Winning through Intimidation”. I read and lurk here lots but wanted to join in today . When transiting Pluto crosses your Ascendant, you should make a fearless effort to liberate yourself from all traditional thought patterns and become an example for others. (I’d be like 96, lol). Once Saturn starts its transit of the 4th will be beginning the upward climb in life again, after a relatively dormant period in your life. Neptune was just opposing mars and Venus too. Well, at this point, I don’t know what to say about Pluto. I´m willing to move but have a lot of obstacles in my way. Trying to empower myself with foresight now! Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit represents a couple of years of intense soul-searching. It has been very tough (and I’ve gone through Pluto transits to my Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Mercury). The phrase that seems to resonate through most of these Pluto posts is “I lost, I lost, I lost …”.

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